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Unit Controllers

Guaranteeing Service Quality as the General Supervisor for Facility Management

Unit controllers managing the overall quality are assigned to facilities under contract by AEON Delight Vietnam (“ADV”) . In addition to providing the contracted services, they check the operations of various staff that work at the facility, while also offering training and guidance. They serve as a liaison as well by listening to client requests and supervise all parts of the management operations.

Service Features


Regular reports on the management status

Daily reports on the operational status such as equipment management and cleaning are submitted to the client. The close communication allows us to grasp the customer's problems at an early stage and take prompt action should a problem occur. In addition to status reports, we provide advice to customers from the perspective of a professional, such as holding talks to provide suggestions for improvements in terms of facility management.


Support that identifies with the customer

Unit controllers who are positioned close to on-site operations explain the status of facility management to clients. ADV is able to respond flexibly to meet customer needs by having the unit controllers, who are fully informed of on-site operations, communicate daily with clients.


Guidance on quality that is not limited to the contracted scope

Unit controllers closely observe the entire facility, including areas that are not contracted by ADV. For example, at a facility where the contract only includes cleaning services, we may provide status reports on facility management and security or give advice on tasks such as serving tea. Our unit controllers look at operations from all directions based on the criteria of what would be beneficial for the customer.

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