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Facilities Management

Optimizing the Entire Facility through Planned Inspections and Preventive Maintenance

What is important in maintaining the optimal conditions of a facility for a longer time is to regularly grasp the equipment status, predict problems and conduct planned maintenance, rather than repairing and refurbishing equipment after a problem occurs. For this reason, AEON Delight Vietnam (“ADV”) strives to create a safe and secure environment by emphasizing “preventive maintenance” and “regular inspections.” Moreover, being able to offer one-stop management for equipment in general is contributing to reduce the customer's burden.

Service Features


Operations with attention to detail

ADV has facility managers permanently stationed or patrolling facilities to ensure stable operations by regularly inspecting, recording and grasping the operation conditions of equipment, which also generates proposals for improvement. The inspection items comprised of a Japanese-style checklist ensure a detail check of the entire facility. The inspection is not only based on numerical checks. Experienced facility managers also use their five senses to check for resonating sounds and smell to grasp the situation, in order to maintain a comfortable environment in the facility. ADV also contributes to reducing the customer's burden by offering comprehensive facility management for all equipment in the building, including electricity, air conditioning, water supply, drainage and sanitation, and elevators.


Management from the perspective of enhancing the longevity of facilities

Looking at the lifecycle cost of a building, they say the subsequent costs of maintenance and repair are several times larger than the initial construction cost. Therefore, having a long-term perspective to minimize lifecycle cost will also lead to enhancing the value of the asset. ADV is addressing building management based on a medium- to long-term perspective through early detection and prevention of problems based on cumulative daily inspection data and proposing future maintenance plans.


Energy savings realized through strict energy management

ADV proposes reductions in consumptions such as water and electricity by capitalizing on energy saving techniques used in Japan. We are also promoting initiatives that raise awareness of energy savings by introducing Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) that enable visualization of electricity consumption.

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