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Other Services

Respond Flexibly to Customer Needs with a Variety of Service Menus to Choose From

AEON Delight Vietnam is responding flexibly according to various customer needs. Customers may choose from one-stop comprehensive services in order to reduce overall costs or individual services tailored to their needs.

Service Features

Security Management

The entire security operation is collectively managed by a supervisor highly skilled in the field.

Refreshment Space Management

Refreshment spaces where facility user can take a break are created by leasing foliage plants and management of vending machines.

Nurse and Medical Office Management

Manages the operations of doctors and nurses, such as keeping a record on medicine stored in the medical office.

Parking Management

Staff with specialized skills in parking management ensure safety through smooth guidance and ticket issuing operations.

Vending Machine Rental

Beverage and food vending machines are available for rental. Operators can also be assigned to provide added value services such as distribution of ice, depending on the installation status.

Interior Management

Service for installation of indoor office equipment, such as installation of walls and doors, and delivery of desks.

Floor Mat Rental

Floor mats for various purposes in an office or shopping center are supplied by renting them in bulk on behalf of the customer.

Cart Collection

Shopping carts are collected and reports are submitted on the inventory count. Maintenance and washing services are also available. Contracting only the cart collection is also possible.

Waste Storage Management

Various waste materials, such as oil and cardboard boxes, are managed to make sure what needs to be disposed is done so properly.