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Customer Security

Supporting Customers with a Sense of Hospitality

Customer security is about providing support by detecting when someone needs assistance at large shopping centers that attract various types of customers. Always having a sense of hospitality to lend a helping hand with a smile to customers who need assistance is the Japanese-style of welcoming customers. AEON Delight Vietnam (“ADV”) staff have acquired a support skill that combines this Japanese-style with Vietnam's unique culture to help create a comfortable shopping experience for customers.

Service Features


Proposals on new approach for facility “safety and security”

ADV aims to create shopping centers that not only offer safety and security, but also facilities where customers enjoy spending time in comfort. Customer Security is responsible for managing the general information counter for customers as well as other operations to ensure their comfort, such as managing the lost and found, arranging the shopping carts, and working with related departments to maintain optimal temperatures.


Specialized staff trained in high-level customer service

Vietnamese supervisors are dispatched to Japan to receive training on Japanese-standard customer service. The training is conducted at a special training facility using images and videos. The knowledge and skills acquired there are being passed on to the local staff in Vietnam to provide high quality service to our customers.


Smart Consultants navigate the sales floor

Staff trained in Japanese-standard customer service patrol the shopping centers as Smart Consultants. They act in good faith to offer various information throughout the facility, such as guidance to customers looking for a certain section, explanations and assistance when riding escalators, and catch the needs of customers who require support.

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