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AD's Showroom

Providing “Security” that Guarantees High Quality Services and “Hospitality” that Identifies with the Customer

The services provided by AEON Delight Vietnam (“ADV”) can be found in various part of a building—safe guidance in the parking lot, spick-and-span entrances, staff providing information on the facility, clean toilets, comfortable air conditioning, clean food courts, and many others. Our staff that has received Japanese-standard training provides an array of services, while the overall service quality is guaranteed by unit controllers supervising the entire operation.

Unit Controllers Manage the Overall Quality

Unit controllers supervise and manage the quality of the services we provide. They do daily checks on the service operations of the facility managers and cleaning and security staff, and provide training and guidance when necessary. The details of each service are compiled in a daily report and submitted to the clients every day, and talks are also held with them, as we strive to continuously improve services.

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