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Meticulous Services Creating Safe, Comfortable Environments and Winning High Customer Satisfaction

AEON MALLS are the first western-style shopping malls to open in Vietnam. They are the country's first facilities where people can not only shop at their leisure but also enjoy meals, entertainment, and other services and attractions that have come into demand with evolving lifestyles. AEON Delight Vietnam has been contributing to the success of the first mall, AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon, and the second, AEON MALL Binh Duong Canary, since their grand openings in 2014. We provide cleaning services; maintain electrical, plumbing, and other building facilities; oversee hygiene management for food courts and employee cafeterias; and provide security for customers and facilities, all as parts of a comprehensive package of services. Shoppers have commented that AEON MALL restrooms are much cleaner than those in competing retail facilities, and we are happy to receive the positive feedback. At the same time, though, we are committed to providing services of even higher quality moving forward.

Key Points

Customer Comment

Mr.NGUYEN BA HOC Operation& Sales Manager
SC Operation Department

Advice that has Paid Off in Better Operations

Over the two years we have been working with AEON Delight Vietnam, we have listened to and applied all of their advice and improved our shopping mall operations as a result. We rely on ADV's consistent, energetic responses to our needs, and have benefited greatly from their swift, effective action. Looking ahead, we are very hopeful about the prospect of working with ADV to implement energy-saving measures, as well.

Mr. NGUYEN VAN LAP Store Manager

Unparalleled Attention to Hospitality

We are particularly pleased by AEON Delight Vietnam's emphasis on hospitality in its provision of customer security, and I cannot imagine that its competitors will ever be able to match the enthusiasm it brings to interactions with shoppers. ADV swiftly responds to security problems and proactively engages in follow-up actions. It even conducts regular security training for mall employees. Furthermore, we think its practice of meeting with us daily has been instrumental in keeping everyone up to date on important matters and ultimately increasing satisfaction among our customers.