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Ensuring training for each and every staff to deliver services at a higher level to our customers

AEON Delight Vietnam (“ADV”) is ensuring training for the on-site staff in Vietnam in order to deliver to the people of Vietnam, high quality services that are recognized in Japan. Based on over 40 years of know-how accumulated by AEON DELIGHT CO., LTD., the parent company in Japan, ADV is promoting various initiatives such as easy-to-understand visual manuals, practical training and educational programs, as well as an awards program to enhance employee motivation.

Conducting training on the Corporate Philosophy and Code of Conduct to all on-site staff

The training for on-site staff begins with basic training, which includes lectures on the Corporate Philosophy and Code of Conduct and training on business manners. ADV emphasizes guidance on the basic concept and values underlying all operations (=Delight Mind), through methods such as reciting the Corporate Philosophy every day at the morning meeting. These efforts encourage the on-site staff to work with a hospitality mind and to practice the Management Principle of “pursuing the creation of environmental value.”

Preparing manuals for operating procedures and standardizing service quality

ADV’s training uses various tools such as manuals with visuals and videos in order to standardize the service level of the on-site staff. In particular, cleaning service is an area in which the standards of “clean” and “hygienic” tend to vary among individuals. Therefore, the actual standards are visualized by showing photos of the expected quality. In cleaning services, ADV also distributes the Clean Crew Delight Guide summarizing operational procedures, basic work rules, and manners on personal appearance and greetings to all staff members as part of the effort to standardize and enhance service quality.

Conducting technical and management training in phases

Through on-the-job training, the on-site staff acquires techniques required for the job from the senior staff. In addition to learning techniques, training on work safety is conducted at each of the workplace.

For example, in customer security, training is conducted every month for four hours together with the training for new staff, to provide guidance on the spirit of hospitality and actual service methods.

For the managerial staff, ADV offers group trainings to acquire deeper technical knowledge, while also providing opportunities to learn about operations and management know-how through practical training and various lectures at the training facility in Japan. The knowledge and techniques learned in Japan are shared with the on-site staff in Vietnam to spread Japanese-standard techniques to all workplaces.

AEON DELIGHT Academy Nagahama, the training facility that makes practical training possible

AEON DELIGHT Academy Nagahama located in Shiga Prefecture in Japan is a training facility owned by AEON DELIGHT CO., LTD. that reproduces on-site conditions of shopping centers and office buildings. It offers programs to learn about advanced management and business approaches and also emphasizes training on fostering a hospitality mind.

Enhancing staff motivation with an award program

In order to offer better services to our customers, it is important for each staff to be motivated to improve quality through creative approaches, rather than simply working according to a manual. ADV holds the Good Job Award to recognize staff members who set a good example. The Good Job Award and Smile Award are presented to those who proactively practice the Code of Conduct and the hospitality mind. Working on site by bearing a gold badge that shows the staff received an award is enhancing their motivation.