Ensuring training for all staff members
to deliver services at a higher level to our customers

Conducting training on the Code of Conduct to all on-site staff
news 01 The training for on-site staff begins with basic training, which includes our Corporate Philosophy and Code of Conduct. These efforts encourage the on-site staff to work with hospitality in mind and to practice the Management Principle of “pursuing the creation of environmental value.”
Preparing manuals for standardizing service quality
news 02 ADV’s training uses various tools such as manuals with visuals and videos in order to standardize the service level of the on-site staff. Using these tools, on-site staff can learn the actual standards visualized by showing photos of the expected quality.
Conducting technical and management training
news 03 Through on-the-job training, the on-site staff acquires techniques required for the job from the senior staff. In addition to learning techniques, training on work safety is conducted at each of the workplace.