Shopping Centers

AEON Delight Vietnam offers safe and secure services to provide comprehensive support
for the development of customers

For business operating companies intending to concentrate
on your core business

Well-trained employees who provide services stressing hospitality

Security that seeks to enhance the satisfaction of mall customers

Efficient whole-facility management through the introduction of a comprehensive set of services

Customer’s Voice

Unparalleled Attention to Hospitality

We are particularly pleased by AEON Delight Vietnam’s emphasis on hospitality in its provision of customer security, and I cannot imagine that its competitors will ever be able to match the enthusiasm it brings to interactions with shoppers.

For convenience stores

For food and beverage stores

It is important to keep the equal quality of cleanliness in chain stores, to build brand image. We help your business to provide cleaning services including pest control and insects killers.


We offer professional care for
your facilities and people.

Facility Services

We strive to create a safe and secure environment for equipment and offer one-stop management for equipment, which helps increasing the customer’s effectiveness and efficient.

Cleaning Services

We practice high quality and efficient cleaning and ensure that all our staff politely welcome customers with sense of hospitality.

Customer Security Services

When a customer needs assistance at a large shopping center, we always lend a helping hand with a smile and hospitality to help create a comfortable experience.

Security Management Services

The entire security operation is collectively managed by a supervisor highly skilled in the field, combining technologies such as CCTV camera for 24-hour surveillance and a reporting system using smartphones.

Hygiene Management Services

We provide hygiene management and guidance to identify potential risks and prevent health hazards based on the HACCP system and our own standard of cleanliness.

Energy Conservation Services

By introducing and utilizing energy-saving equipment such as LED lighting, solar panels, voltage regulators and ball cleaning machines, we help reduce facilities’ environmental impact and energy costs.

Fitting Out Construction Services

From original restoration work, renovation and interior construction to large-scale repair work, we support construction and supervision.


Beside the main services, AEON Delight Vietnam offers a range of other services, aimed at creating a integrated and complete “environmental value” for people and customers.

  • Parking management
  • Cart collection
  • Floor mat rental
  • Nurse and medical office management
  • Refreshment space management
  • Interior management
  • Vending machine management
  • Waste storage management


We have extensive experience at meeting unique customer needs.