About Us

Message from the CEO

We delivery delightful experience in buildings
and create environmental value for the community.

Message from CEO

What a great joyfulness to see the outstanding development of both economic and life-going in Vietnam. With the company which aiming for a leader in Facility Management Services (FMS) field as AEON Delight Vietnam, there are not only challenges, and responsibilities, but also a grateful pride of being accompanied and contributing to Vietnam general growth; always fulfill our duty: value-glowing with the corporation community and the people of Vietnam.

On the basis of nearly 50 years experience in Japan – providing one-stop, integrated facility management services for diverse customers, such as shopping centers, buildings, offices, residential areas, restaurants, schools, hospitals and industrial sites/factories,… throughout Asia – we understand and would like to shift focus a lot more towards creating values, not just only cost savings.

In addition to the combination between Japanese manner and the typical culture of Vietnamese , AEON Delight Vietnam always pioneers in new technical improvement, technology development and modern applications (integrated services, building intelligent management system, artificial intelligence, on-cloud solution and IoT system, etc.). This helps to bring effectively delightful spaces for landlords, as well as peace of mind and comfort for customers. Experience-first facilities is leading the transformation. The real FMS is no longer about managing buildings. It’s a way of delivering delightful experience in buildings, and creating environmental value for the community.

General Director
Masatoshi Sashie