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Message from the CEO

Creating environmental value with hospitality smiles
and the omotenashi.

Message from CEO

AEON Delight Vietnam provides the facility management services on the basis of nearly 50 years experience in Japan – providing one-stop, integrated facility management services for diverse customers, such as shopping centers, buildings, offices, residential areas, restaurants, schools, hospitals and industrial sites/factories,… throughout Asia.

In addition to the combination between Japanese manner and the typical culture of Vietnamese, serving with hospitality smile and the omotenashi to bring safety and security to facility beneficiary. AEON Delight Vietnam always pioneers in new technical improvement, technology development and modern applications (integrated services, building intelligent management system, artificial intelligence, on-cloud solution and IoT system, etc.) to bring effectively delightful spaces, carry out the mission of creating environmental value.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, people’s worldview and life experiences have undergone tremendous changes. In accordance with human values, AEON Delight Vietnam also constantly adapts and changes to more satisfy the expectations and requirements of customers, partners and the community. In Southeast Asia, we aim to resolve social issues based on three pillars of our growth strategy: “Safety and Security”, “Labor force shortage”, and “Environment”.

With a vision to 2025, focusing resources on Vietnam and Cambodia markets – very dynamic, young and energetic countries – AEON Delight Vietnam is going to build an ideal organization, with sustainable development, where all employees can share their joy, everyone can smile delightfully.

General Director
Takami Hisayo