Hygiene Management Services

We provide hygiene management and guidance to identify potential risks and prevent
health hazards based on the HACCP system and our own standard of cleanliness.

Service menu

Service menu

Hygiene guidance for work areas supplying meals in the company

Hygiene guidance for work areas of restaurant tenants

Clearing and washing of dishes

Scientific measures to quantify a bad smell and luster

AEON Delight Vietnam provides hygiene management services with scientific measures. We check the hygiene condition by using equipment to quantify a bad smell in the restroom and the kitchen as well as luster of the floor. We provide cleaning service and hygiene management guidance based on evidence.

Hygiene management and guidance based on international hygiene standards

HACCP is a hygiene management system that conducts a hazard analysis to identify hazards in advance such as various forms of microbial contamination, specifies critical control points to apply measures to prevent the hazards, and implements continuous monitoring. AEON Delight Vietnam applies the HACCP system for daily hygiene management using prescribed manuals and procedures.

Support for the customer’s food safety

In order to secure food safety, AEON Delight Vietnam thoroughly ensures bacteria control of visible places as well as areas not visible to the eye. Regular inspections are conducted for items such as knives, cutting boards and doorknobs. In the food court, restaurant tenants are regularly surveyed, and the results are reported to each tenant together with advice for improvement.