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We practice high quality and efficient cleaning and ensure that all our staff politely
welcome customers with sense of hospitality.

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Service menu

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Cleaning quality wins award for the world’s cleanest restrooms

Kansai International Airport in Japan was selected as having the cleanest restrooms in the world in Airport of the Year 2009, organized by a research company in the U.K. In fact, AEON Delight Japan (“ADJ”) our parent company, cleans these restrooms. Besides picking up trash and polishing the floors, we go the extra mile so that customers can use the facility with comfort. We believe this sense of hospitality and strict quality control were evaluated as No. 1 in the world. We are pleased to bring this No. 1 knowhow in the world to the people of Vietnam.

Removing stains at the microscopic level

ADV cleans even the “microscopic stains” that are not visible to the eye, such as removing bacteria and colon bacilli. We employ a management technique that emphasizes antimicrobial treatment, use strong disinfectant supplies such as cleaning towels and mops, and import detergents and coating agents made by the world’s leading manufacturers. A black light is also used to illuminate stains to check for residual stains that are not visible to the eye.

Ensuring employee training to achieve services with hospitality

Training at ADV uses textbooks that have translated Japanese manuals into Vietnamese, which include images and video to facilitate understanding. Furthermore, we work to ensure uniform cleaning quality and higher efficiency by introducing floor cleaning machines and other equipment. The staff are also adding creative techniques to have customers enjoy the facility, such as drawing with cleaning foam on the glass and folding the toilet paper end into a necktie.